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2011 is the year that the Litefoot movement hits the mainstream and one of the hottest DJ’s in Miami is reppin for Litefoot! DJ Kool G who is a radio DJ at Miami’s 99 Jamz has been reppin for Litefoot by proudly wearing the Litefoot Chief MC Longsleeve T-shirt shirt to work at the radio station and to both Miami night clubs that he works at as the DJ. Here is a couple of pics of DJ Kool G at the club representing!

DK Kool G of Miami's 99 Jamz - Reps his Litefoot Chief MC t-shirt

DK Kool G Rockin the crowd in his Litefoot Chief MC t-shirt

We want to give a special shout to Ciara Billie Guerue for snapping the pics of DJ Kool G and for showing Litefoot tremendous love and support!  Follow @litefoot on twitter and “Like” his Facebook Page – by clicking “Like”on his Facebook widget located in the sidebar.

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