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I was blessed last night to have the honor to speak for the Quapaw Tribe in Oklahoma! Afterwards I was blessed to receive so many positive and uplifting comments about my talk. This morning, as I was leaving the beautiful hotel at Downstream Casino- More people came up to me and shared uplifting words about how my message had really touched them.

As I was on my way back to the airport today, I started to think of how many times I could have given up when I first started pursuing my dreams in Oklahoma – back in 1991. How many times I could have listened to people who didn’t think I could “do it” or “make it”. I started to think how easy it would have been for me to quit. And If I would have… How so many things would be so very different and my life would be much, much less fulfilling.

Tonight, I go to sleep in Pocatello, Idaho and will speak tomorrow at Idaho State University. On the way to the hotel from the airport tonight- I was quickened to remember- 20 years ago driving the same highway, pulling a trailer full of sound equipment and merchandise on the way to perform a rap concert for the ShoBan Tribe and uplift Native youth. That was 1993. I hadn’t been to Idaho to rap yet and no one really knew who I was in this part of the country. The name “Litefoot” was just getting known around Indian Country.

Tonight my mind raced back, through the tens of thousands of miles I’ve driven, over the last two decades, alone with my thoughts and the aspiration to make a difference in Indian Country. I didn’t know then where it would all lead. I just knew I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to accomplish my dream! I knew my road and I relentlessly pursued it.

As I remember back to those days, I realize just how far I have come and how many miles, and hours and how much dedication has gone into all that I have now been so blessed to accomplish. It’s literally been a long road! And a LOT of hard work. But the rewards have been, and are, beyond anything I could have contemplated accomplishing 20 years ago…driving into the night or counting mile markers watching the sun come up.

I am thankful for every inch of the road that has brought me to where I am and I will never forget – the road. My road. Tomorrow at Idaho State University- I will encourage everyone gathered – to find their path and to walk their road! No matter what anyone else says or thinks- walk your road. No matter how tough it gets or how you may feel you are just spinning your wheels- walk your road!

Because your life, is your “road” and it comes from the Creator. You were born to walk. So RISE and get going and never stop. The fuel you need is your prayers- so pray and you will always find on your road – exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

All my relations!

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