Litefoot is proud to announce the Litefoot Sneaker! Litefoot has become the first Native American celebrity to develop and produce his own branded line of sneakers aptly named the “Litefoot”. The Litefoot shoe is the result of a joint venture collaboration with Sole Nation Health, an American Indian owned footwear company. The first pairs of the “Litefoot” sneaker will be available in the Fall of 2010.    The Litefoot shoe will be a comfortable and stylish sneaker inspired and designed by Litefoot.    The shoe is being designed to also accommodate the footwear needs of persons with diabetes. Litefoot said, “If we can make a show which is very cool why can’t we also make it to help people who have diabetes. I believe you can be successful in business and at the same time also so business that helps your community. It is solely a matter of out look and my outlook has always included my people.” Diabetes has far reaching impacts in the Native American community and few alternatives exist  regarding cool sneakers for diabetic patients especially young Native americans.

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