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I have watched the sun come up after all night recording sessions so many times I can’t remember them all. I used to wait for hours in front of the studio for the first producer I worked with to show up-making sessions start hours late. I still had to be at work early the next morning- but ya think he cared? I remember feeling so upset at the disrespect and the unprofessionalism this cat showed me. But I was determined to succeed. I was not about to let this guy stop me from moving forward. When he did finally show up…I made the most of my time in the studio. It taught me alot about how some cats in the music industry are. That often equates to: unfocused and unmotivated. Nobody ever believes in your dream as much as you. EVER.  On top of dealing with guys like that…I remember feeling so exhausted driving home after being in the studio all night and thinking that by trying to rep my culture while simultaneously trying to become successful in the music business…well it just seemed to make my chances of “making it”…. seem like an even longer shot. But I never stopped believing. I never stopped having faith that if I kept moving- I could achieve my dreams…the way I envisioned it!

The other evening in Miami I once again found myself  leaving the studio as the sun was coming up after recording all night.  It reminded me of my studio days back in Oklahoma when I first started rapping. I started thinking about all the cities I have seen the sun come up in while achieving my dream. Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, New York City…I started to think of how lucky I’ve been to have experienced such an incredible journey. INDEPENDENT in every sense of the word.  No other story in hip hop is like mine.  It has taught me about the music business and I know every inch of my journey.  It has been my trial by fire.


As I sit poised to make the most prolific album of my career…I am happy I no longer find myself waiting for producers to show up to the studio. But none the less- it’s time to finish hard and hustle like this is day one and I can’t wait to see the sun come up over the next few months!

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