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I wanna welcome you to my own little blog section with the writing of this first blog. So, WELCOME!  Here I will basically just let go whatever is on my mind, heart and express myself. I titled this blog: Go For The Win. Why? This year is the year I have been working towards for the last twenty.

From my start in Oklahoma, so many people never believed my dream was possible. So many people gave me those stupid looks that are the epitome of “condescending” and that just hardened my resolve. I have had to fight to get where I am and still have that instinct to this day. Those who have read my book, understand better what I mean about the struggles I have risen above. If ya haven’t gotten hip to that- go ahead and cop the book when ya can. It’s all in there.

So long story short…I never let anyway stand in my way or stop me. Truth of it is… I have outlasted ever hater that ever tried to stop me.  Thats why this moment is so sweet for me…As a Native person who has had everyones limitations thrown at me as to what is and what isn’t possible- I have refused to believe the hype and diminish my dreams according to their limited vision. I have done it like I saw it in my head all those years ago with nothing but hope, belief in self and my prayers… ALOT OF PRAYERS! No compromise and I’m still fighting to do what I believe is possible for me! So “Here I Stand” – and ya know what it feels damn good!

So excuse me while I fall into the endzone for the game winning TD like Marshawn Lynch! Find me BEASTIN on the game!

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