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A three part glimpse into the inspirational, unprecedented and historic Reach the Rez Tour featuring Native American Actor and Rap Artist Litefoot, which traveled over 54,000 miles and performed over 211 concert and speaking events on American Indian reservations and communities across the United states in just one year.


The Reach The Rez tour was spawned by Litefoot’s feelings that Native people must be proactive in dealing with the ills that are facing its communities instead of reactionary.

Litefoot simply believed that there had been too much talk and not enough action regarding what needed to be done to help motivate and empower American Indian people. Several years of traveling to American Indian reservations delivering motivational concerts and talks had earned Litefoot the trust and respect of hundreds of tribal nations throughout North America. His vast and constant travels along with intense interaction with community members from various tribes culminated into giving Litefoot a very unique perspective as to what must necessarily be done to stop the negatives facing all communities in Indian Country.

It was from these experiences that the Reach The Rez Tour, a massive effort of action – was born. Created to proactively visit all American Indian Reservations to lead an offensive against the problems that had been putting Indian Country on its heels for years. An effort of this magnitude had not been attempted in the United States. Literally, the closest campaign that can be found is Tecumseh’s travels to unite tribal nations, hundreds of years earlier.

Litefoot believed that this effort must carry with it a clear message. A message that would not serve merely as a “band-aid” or a temporary cure, but a message that would heal completely those who were broken…mentally, physically and spiritually. The message must be clear: In order to reclaim our Native people from alcoholism, drug addiction, low self-esteem etc… we must look to the Creator and restore spirituality as the priority in Indian Country. We must pray.

This message was delivered 211 times in the span of one year and over 54,000 miles impacting tens of thousands of American Indian people. Lives were changed, hope was restored and hearts were healed and the effort continues today.

The annual Reach The Rez effort has now visited over 350 Native American communities and logged over 125,000 miles and continues to empower lives and impact those of all ages. The soon to be released Reach the Rez documentary film will provide a more in depth look into the sheer magnitude of the effort and all of the Tribal Nations it has and continues to visit.

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