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Although NOT an advocate of experimental “disease testing” on Native Americans (neither historically nor in modern times), Litefoot is 100% for healthy lifestyles and self testing to discover if you have a disease.  Litefoot was recently contacted and asked by the GYT, Get Yourself Tested,  STD testing campaign by MTV and conducted jointly between Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Kaiser Family Foundation to record a public service announcement encouraging folks to get tested for STD’s!  Native youth have the 2nd highest rate of STD’s in the United States and it is a serious problem. Litefoot said of his role to help spread awareness, “I’m just trying to do my part and stop the spread of what could become a much larger problem for future generations of Native people.”  The PSA campaign is not about experimental testing nor about inoculations- it is simply about stopping the spread of STD’s in the Native American community. The PSA’s will air nationwide in 2012.

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