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Litefoot has spent much of the last few years working on the completion of many diverse releases. Litefoot has been readying the launch of several projects ranging from his new book “The Medicine of Prayer”, his ultra hot “FlexArrow” brand of Litefoot sneakers and a new album entitled, “Relentless Pursuit” which he recorded at Roc The Mic Recording Studio in New York City with producers from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation camp. Litefoot will be promoting these projects throughout North America in 2011.

The Medicine of Prayer by Litefoot

Litefoot’s new semi-autobiographical and inspirational book, “The Medicine of Prayer” has been met with rave reviews by readers and it’s been an instantaneous success already selling thousands of copies since it’s late November release. The book can be purchased here at and will soon be available as an e-book and compatible with iPads, iPhones, iPod’s, Kindles and many other electronic devices.

The Litefoot FlexArrow Sneaker

The Litefoot FlexArrow Sneaker

The highly anticipated Litefoot FlexArrow sneaker will debut in late January of 2011 and has been racking up thousands of pre-order sales via our online store here at The shoe is a joint-venture collaboration between Litefoot and Sole Nation Health making it the first wholly manufactured Native American shoe to enter the market place. The FlexArrow provides a hip and cool brand of sneakers for customers throughout Indian Country and beyond. The sneaker will also be offered in a version specially constructed for persons who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

About Litefoot


Litefoot’s newest album “Relentless Pursuit” has been 3 years in the making and is now set to officially receive its full push into the mainstream marketplace. In late 2007, Litefoot began a relationship with folks from well known rap artist and entrepreneur Jay-Z’s camp. By early in 2008- Litefoot began recording his latest album with them in New York City at Roc The Mic. Litefoot had this to say about recording his new album, “In the past because of my hectic schedule, many of my albums had to be recorded under tight time constraints and I was always under tremendous pressure to finish them. I also had no time to film videos for those albums because I would go right back on tour. With this project and its potential to reach a broad worldwide audience- it has deserved my full attention and I have felt no pressure to finish it before I feel like it is 100% ready. We have already filmed  two video’s for the album ( which to date have received nearly 400,000 views and I will be filming at least two more videos in 2011.   The response and feedback for this album has been incredible and the buzz… WITH NO NATIONWIDE PROMOTION, has been phenomenal. I feel It’s gonna grow way bigger this year. This album deserves my best as an artist and it’s going to get that.”  Litefoot’s “Relentless Pursuit” album has been the only album in which he has partnered with a major record label. Litefoot added, “I turned down a record deal with Jive Records within my first year of rapping because they wouldn’t let me openly express myself as a Native artist. So I turned it down and stayed independent. I have been able to enjoy an incredible relationship with Jay-Z’s camp while recording the album. They encouraged me to just do me. It wouldn’t have worked any other way.”

Litefoot’s lyrical abilities as an MC are highlighted track after track on “Relentless Pursuit” and his talents as a gifted songwriter shine brighter than ever. He has honed to perfection his craft of delivering clever lyrics and hooks while give each song his unique signature native sound.  By implementing various elements of traditional music into the production of his tracks and layering in his own tribal infused vocals, Litefoot has created his own “Native” infused brand of hip hop. That sound is perfected on “Relentless Pursuit” and could very easily be the “fresh” that hip hop is so in need of right now.  Litefoot said, “I feel very proud of this project and it has been very liberating for me. In a lot of ways I have always held back lyrically, because of being a “role model” in Indian Country.  I have never shunned being a “role model”. It’s been that way since early in my rap career-even before I had starred in my first movie.  I have always understood that our Native people barely have any successful individuals in mainstream media to look up to and if one of us becomes successful… people are going to expect more of you than they do of others. I have always kept that in mind in all I do. This album requires that I don’t hold back any of my talents as an artist and that I express my gift without limitation. So where I may have lyrically watered it down in the past, on this album I let it go and let it come out of me how I felt it. In many ways this album is going to be my introduction to “Hip Hop” and it has to measure up in order to compete with the best MC’s. I have written songs that are for the radio, songs that are for the club, songs that are political and songs that spotlight my abilities as a seasoned MC.  My fans are going to hear a edgier and more raw version of Litefoot- and so far they have loved it! Litefoot is serving the project as not just the artist but as a record executive overseeing the project on behalf of his Red Vinyl Records recording label. He added this about his double duty responsibilities on “Relentless Pursuit”, “As a businessman and a record executive, this album also requires me to put in play all the knowledge I have gathered in over 20 years of experience in the music industry. In order for me to be successful at the highest level and to a much broader audience – I simply need to apply all that I have learned and that’s what I am doing. This is a very exciting time for me and I have been working towards this my whole musical career. I am realizing my dreams and even though it has taken longer to get where I am at, I have done it all my way and stayed true to my vision!”

LF and OG Juan at the ROC offices in NY, NY

Litefoot says it’s all about timing and this is the perfect moment to take his musical pursuits to the next level.  He says, “My movement stretches across North America and even overseas now. I have worked hard to build my career and have always had to conducted myself both as an artist and as a businessman. You don’t have a run as successful and as long as mine- if you don’t know what your doing.  Now others in the industry see the integrity of my brand and respect my hustle”.  His artistic aspirations for “Relentless Pursuit” are considerable and he sees himself accomplishing success on a level never before achieved in Indian Country.  “I realize how major the outcome of this project will be for me as an artist, for hip hop -but most importantly for Indian Country. We haven’t had any major, major Native American stars in mainstream music and it’s time- we are due! If I am able to achieve increased visibility with my music in mainstream culture and achieve a level of success that is usually only confined to rhetoric… the impact that will have on Native youth and amongst our people in general will be immeasurable. We have been shut out of mainstream media and only allowed participation when it embraces the many stereotypes of Native People. But, I believe we can move beyond the stereotypes -which so limit us as a people. That negativity affects us all on many levels.  If I can help undo that while at the same time being a real time example of being successful at the highest level, thats the win-win for me.”  Litefoot is determined to finish what he started as the first Native American in Hip hop and although it has been a Relentless Pursuit – he is determined to bring that pursuit to a close on top of the rap game and as an example of what is possible for future generations of Native people. You can purchase Litefoot’s album “Relentless Pursuit” now at

Litefoot will also be plenty busy this year keeping up with his clothing brand Native Style. The Native Style apparel and accessory brand continues to experience tremendous growth and will relaunch it’s online presence early in January. Check out the hottest gear and designs at

Finally, Litefoot will be relaunching his Red Vinyl Records recording label in 2011 and scouring the lands for the brightest and most talented new Native American musical acts. Red Vinyl Records will launch its website early in 2011.

This year is going to be an exciting and energy filled one for all things Litefoot and we invite you to come along for every momentous step of the way! Spread the word and be sure to let all your friends and family on Facebook know the great things Litefoot has lined up! Just click on the Facebook icon below to post this story on your wall and show your support of Litefoot!  Thank you for your support!

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