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This year Litefoot served as the head coach of his son’s junior football team and gave us this pic to share with everyone.

Litefoot’s 11 year old son Quannah, getting past three defenders and breaking into the open field for a long gain.

Litefoot served the last two years as an assistant coach for his son Quannah’s football teams before being asked to step up to head coaching duties by the the league’s president. This year Quannah played Fullback and Linebacker and was voted “All-Star of the Year” by his coaches. The All Star award goes to the most consistent player on the team. Litefoot said. “It was a great honor to work with all the kids and to help them grow as athletes and young men.  But the most rewarding thing to me was just to spend the time with my son and be part of something that he loves to do and that means so much to him.”

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