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Litefoot shot the music video for his song, “I Am It” today. The video is being directed by Charlie Osceola near Miami, Florida. The song “I Am It” is a lyrical gem and sonic masterpiece off of Litefoot’s most recent album “Relentless Pursuit”. The song was produced by ROC producer TT.

Litefoot will follow up this video with the video shoot for “Different People” also featured on “Relentless Pursuit” and also produced by TT. Litefoot said, the video is “Incredible, dramatic and captures the energy of the song to a tee.” He said the video for “Different People” will be “Epic”. He concluded by saying this about Charlie Osceola who is directing both video’s, “He is a GENIUS!”

Enough said… and you can see for yourself very soon as both the videos will be premiered at – Stay Tuned!

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