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After having his first visit to Virginia Tech snowed out in March of this year, Litefoot returned to Virginia Tech University on April 29, 2010 to speak for nearly one and a half hours to persons who had come from as far away as New Jersey to hear his lecture on, “Building bridges between the Native American and African American communities” in Blacksburg, VA. Upon arrival Litefoot had lunch with Virginia Tech students and faculty at the Squires Student Union building. Litefoot gave a short talk to those gathered at the lunch and visited with those in attendance. Litefoot’s evening program began at 8pm and kicked off with the showing of Litefoot’s 20 minute Reach The Rez short film. The film received a rousing applause and Litefoot was introduced. The audience was filled with a wonderful array of persons from all ethnic backgrounds and Litefoot’s ideas and sentiments were so well received that Litefoot received a standing ovation at the close of his presentation. Litefoot was then presented with a Virginia Tech Sweatshirt by the Native at Virginia Tech Student Club as well as a thank you card signed by the clubs members. Litefoot immediately put on the VT sweatshirt and then held an impromptu question and answer session with the audience. One student from Dr. Paula Seniors Africana studies program asked Litefoot to, “rap something” and Litefoot immediately rapped for about 3 minutes. The audience gave applause and Litefoot closed the evening by announcing he would begin signing autographs and be available for a meet and greet. Litefoot signed autographs and took pictures for almost an hour. Mikhelle Taylor from the Virginia Tech College of the Science Dean’s Office had this to say about Litefoot’s lecture, “Thank you again for coming to Blacksburg (twice!)…we have been very blessed by your words and example. It’s so easy to get lost in a university setting – many of us are a long way from home here, and on this big, competitive campus it’s easy to lose touch with the values and traditions that so few even can clearly see, much less understand or relate to. You’ve shared that message with people in a way that I hope will open up some hearts and help us *all* move forward in a good direction, living the visions that will help bring everything and everyone back together. Sometimes it’s hard to know why you’ve been given a challenge…but all we have to do is be bold and step up with our prayers and willingness to serve…and we find out later the great things the Creator has in mind. 🙂 The fire that you brought with you will keep going on! Wado!” Tracy Walker Newton the managing officer of the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services at Virginia Tech had this to say about Litefoot and his lecture, “This man was amazing, powerful and one of the most gentle spirits I have yet to encounter. I was so very blessed and honored to have come in contact with him.” The Lecture by Litefoot was coordinated by Dr. Paula Seniors and the Africana Studies Program at Virginia Tech. Ms. Seniors was very excited about the audience turn out at Litefoot’s lecture and was even more impressed that persons had travelled from as far away as New Jersey to hear Litefoot speak. Thank you Virginia Tech, Paula Seniors, the Africana Studies program, the Native at Virginia Tech Student Club and all the Virginia Tech faculty, Staff and Litefoot supporters who attended this wonderful event and made it such a positive and empowering event for all involved. Litefoot’s entire lecture at Virginia Tech will be available soon on DVD so please stay tuned for that right here at

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