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Litefoot’s Book, The Medicine of Prayer, is now available on, Apple’s ibookstore and at Barnes and! Download it today and enjoy reading it on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle or Nook reader!

The Medicine of Prayer book-3dThe Medicine of Prayer

Nothing is impossible with the Medicine of Prayer! Accomplish all you were born to accomplish and begin living the life you were born to live. It is all possible and waiting for you! Gary “Litefoot” Davis, Native American musician, motivational speaker, feature film actor and entrepreneur takes us on the journey of a life guided by the power of prayer and his walk with the Creator. For Litefoot, the Medicine of Prayer has been the source he has drawn from to overcome his challenges and find success in life. In his first book, he issues a call to readers to seize the day and recognize that we all have the power to improve our lives.


“On Saturday, I finished reading “The Medicine of Prayer”. I wanted to Congratulate you on a wonderfully written, encouraging and highly inspirational book. Your efforts throughout Indian Country are making a real difference in thousands of young lives throughout the United States. When I first met you at Res 2011, I knew that you were someone who was a game changer. Keep up the great work and much continued success.” – Michael A. Noone, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC

“I absolutely loved it. It really is a beautiful book. I’m glad we bought it” -Rich Cartmell

“I thought the book was sensational. You know, Litefoot had a very rough life in his younger years and never felt sorry for himself, so he got this from his grandparents and parents…very strong upbringing. Thank you for writing the book.” -Rita Snow

“I read your book and its amazing. It has taught me a lot.” -Jazmyne Blanco

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