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The Stoney Nakoda Nation will serve as host for the official release of Litefoot’s new book as part of a gifting to the community of his book, “The Medicine of Prayer” during a community feast to be held on November 29th. The Stoney Nakoda Nation wrote the special Foreword for Litefoot’s book and strongly supports the spiritual messages contained within it. An excerpt from the book’s Foreword states, “This book is for all First Nations people, for those who seek the guidance of the Creator, and for all inhabitants of Mother Earth. It contains the distilled wisdom of a thousand years, many elders, and one great man on a mission to reinvigorate his people through the supreme source of power, prayer. To read it is to reclaim the medicine of life, to embark on a journey to Self-Sustainability, and access the simplistic blueprint for fortifying our world and ourselves.”

The Stoney Nakoda Tribal Administration plans to hand out dozens of Litefoot’s books to members of the Stoney Nakoda community at the feast. Litefoot is pleased and honored to receive such great support from the Stoney Nakoda Nation and to be part of the rekindling of spirituality transforming the Stoney Nakoda people in Morley, Alberta. “This message cannot be said enough, communicated enough, or spread enough,” says Litefoot. “We have to show those without faith The Medicine of Prayer by living it, not just talking about it. That’s the reason for this book.”

Litefoot will be appearing and signing copies of his book starting with a stop at the Choctaw Powwow in Durant, Okla. on November 27th, Stoney Nakoda Nation for the official book release in Morley, Alberta Canada on November 29th, The Mississippi Band of Choctaw in Choctaw, MS on December 2nd-3rd, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service and Tribal Colleges & Universities Winter Training in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on December 4th, December 18th at the Lakota Nation Invitational in Rapid City, SD and the Miccosukee Winter Art Festival on December 26th 2010-January 2nd 2011 in Miami, FL.

For More information on how your tribal nation or community can host a “Medicine of Prayer” book signing by Litefoot please contact us at

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