The Musician

The First Native American Rap Artist

OVER 26 Years of Award Winning Music

“Litefoot’s (Record Label) is The Def Jam equivalent in Indian Country.”

Def Jam Records & Phat Farm Founder – Russell Simmons, One World Magazine


is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. He is a Native American rap artist, actor, role model and entrepreneur. Litefoot began realizing his entrepreneurial dreams 26 years ago by starting his own recording label, Red Vinyl Records and releasing his own music. He has since recorded ten award-winning albums that have been distributed throughout the world.


1992 – The Money E.P.

1993 – Native Tongue

1994 – Seein’ Red

1996 – Good Day To Die

1998 – The Clown Kutz

1998 – The Life & Times

1998 – Red Ryders Vol.1

1999 – Red Ryders Vol.2

1999 -Rez Affiliated

1999 -The Lite Years

2001 -Tribal Boogie

2002 -The Messenger

2003 – Native American Me

2004 – Redvolution

2008 – Relentless Pursuit

2017 – Redvolutionary

Litefoot's Music - Available on iTunes

Litefoot’s music is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and many more stores online. You can also stream Litefoot’s music on Apple Music, Spotify and Beats Music!

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